Home-based Agent

If travel is your passion, Voyage Vasco offers you the chance to make it your profession!

For several years now, the travel industry has been undergoing significant growth. The demand for independent travel consultants is growing by leaps and bounds. What’s more, many people are keen to work in the travel industry on their own.

At Voyage Vasco, we offer exactly what you’re looking for! Join us and learn how to reconcile family and professional life, while doing something you’re passionate about: selling travel. When you join Voyage Vasco, you’re building your own business in a field you love, with the help, support and benefits of the strong team at Voyage Vasco and its franchisees. Voyage Vasco is affiliated with a network of travel agencies that has been recognized and established in the travel industry for over 25 years: Voyage Vasco l’Univers de la Croisière. All under the umbrella of Groupe Atrium.

Autonomous Voyage Vasco advisors will have access to higher commission rates, extensive marketing, exclusive promotions and programs, training and an impressive array of cutting-edge technological tools. As an independent consultant for one of our Voyage Vasco agencies, you’ll benefit from the excellent reputation and hard work of a proven group, while running your own business several steps ahead of your competitors.

Our mission

To provide the best service in the travel industry, while constantly improving the business benefits of our franchisees and independent advisors, by contributing constructive ideas, exclusive products and strengthening our relationships with suppliers. Groupe Atrium is strongly committed to ongoing training in all facets of the travel industry, and makes every effort to ensure that its franchisees and independent consultants remain at the forefront of the changes our industry is undergoing.

Our team

We’ve assembled a team of professional employees dedicated to helping you with every aspect of your future business. Whether it’s customer service, technical support or simply because you need advice, our team will always be there to support and help you. What’s more, we’re constantly developing new resources and services to help you increase your knowledge, efficiency and profitability.


When you decide to purchase a Voyage Vasco license, whether Advisor or Entrepreneur, we’ll give you access to several essential tools that will help you become an experienced and professional travel consultant. We’ll train you, we’ll support you, and we’ll make sure you have the tools you need to properly serve the clientele you develop over time.

Preferred supplier agreements

With annual revenues in the hundreds of millions of dollars, Groupe Atrium negotiates annually with the most important suppliers in the travel industry. Thanks to its business relationships and partnership approach, Groupe Atrium is able to offer all the agencies and independent advisors in its network training, commission rates and many other important advantages for their benefit.


As the only franchisor in Canada with a CITC-approved training program, the Atrium Group is able to bring its independent Voyage Vasco consultants to a higher level of knowledge, thereby improving their sales and revenues. These courses are offered several times a year in classrooms, but can also be taken online via the training tool on our intranet.

Exclusive cruise groups

The Atrium Group offers a range of exclusive cruise products at very competitive prices. Groupe Atrium therefore reserves a range of cruises for the most popular destinations and dates, for the exclusive benefit of its franchisees and independent consultants.

Shared groups

Thanks to this service, you can share in and/or benefit from the groups offered by all the network’s franchisees and independent consultants. This allows you to offer your customers an even wider range of exclusive products, and to fill any gaps left by other agencies.

Expo Vacances Shopping Show

Groupe Atrium organizes this annual event, which allows consumers to take advantage of unique specials and also helps attract new customers for our members. In addition, Groupe Atrium’s visibility is undeniable with an advertising campaign in newspapers, on television and on the radio, both in the Quebec City region and in the greater Montreal area.

Hotel programs

In order to offer our franchisees and independent consultants a useful additional tool, you’ll have access to hundreds of hotels worldwide through the CCRA and Hôtelspro.com programs, with highly advantageous pre-negotiated NET rates. more than 160,000 hotels worldwide, with pre-negotiated NET rates or guaranteed commissions of up to 15%.

Events and Networking

Every year, Groupe Atrium organizes a convention, a gala, various training courses, familiarization trips, meetings and round-table discussions in which all franchisees and independent consultants are actively invited to participate. At these events, discussions and conferences cover a wide range of topics: business development, new technologies, market trends, advertising, and more. They also facilitate exchanges between franchisees, independent advisors and preferred partners, while helping to create or strengthen business links.

Cruise Event

Every autumn, cruise ships call at Quebec City. Whenever possible, Groupe Atrium takes advantage of this opportunity to create an event during which franchisees and independent consultants can visit these ships while benefiting from training given by cruise line representatives.

Online training

Our online training tool provides you with around thirty short video courses. So you can follow them at your own pace, with no time constraints, and even pause them in the event of an interruption. A significant advantage over standard webinars

Employee discounts

Groupe Atrium has developed a network of suppliers operating in various fields, with whom we have established preferential pricing agreements that can be applied to all franchisees and independent consultants in the network. As a result, you will have access to substantial discounts from many of these suppliers

Dashboard (intranet)

www.groupeatrium.com is a password-protected site designed for our franchisees and independent consultants. The Intranet is fully bilingual and offers our franchisees and independent advisors tools and services such as group departures, privileged agreements with several suppliers, familiarization trips, news, various letter templates, a list of commission rates established with our suppliers, etc. This tool is our communication portal with franchisees and independent advisors.


This tool enables all independent advisors to provide after-sales follow-up for their customers. This automated system sends two separate e-mails to the customer. The first e-mail will thank your customer for his support and trust, and will include a wide variety of travel-related websites. The second e-mail will greet your customer as soon as they return from their trip, and encourage them to send you their comments. This tool enables the independent consultant to develop a business relationship with his customers, positioning you as a professional and setting you apart from the competition.


Cruise database

Our cruise database has extremely detailed information in French on every ship in the cruise industry. Thanks to this database, you or your customer will be able to access all the information required on the different ships owned by the various cruise lines.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

This tool lets you manage your customer database yourself, so you can send out various e-mails, greetings, promotions and more to your customers in a way that’s simple and targeted to their interests. A great tool for any agency wishing to maintain healthy and effective contact with its customers.


The dashboard is our main communication tool. Via our message center, you can read internal memos and even add your own. It’s also the starting point for most of the applications in the Ulysse suite. Your dashboard lets you manage your information and applications. Easy to use, it will follow you everywhere and quickly become a must-have.


Send personalized newsletters to your customers, offering them various promotions. This kind of personalized tool allows you to show your customers how important they are to you, and to offer them exclusive access to your various products and specials. We create a weekly newsletter for you, featuring the Voyage Vasco logo and your contact details. Now all you have to do is pass it on to your customers.

Group Module

The groups module lets you manage your groups easily and efficiently via the dashboard. Once added to the module, your group is displayed directly on your website. In just a few clicks, you can also share your group with all our agencies, and benefit from a true distribution network. What’s more, you get direct access to the inventory of all groups registered by Atrium Group agencies. You’ll be able to provide your customers with a range of choices for groups organized by your peers.

Media Creation

If you want to create a flyer yourself, why pay for the services of a graphic designer when we have a simple tool that does it for you!


Here’s a breakdown of the benefits and costs, depending on the license you choose.

Cruise specialist

$ 950 taxes not included
  • This license will give you the knowledge you need to be recognized as a cruise specialist for the Voyage Vasco agency of your choice.

Independent consultant

$ 1 495 taxes not included
  • This license will give you the tools you need to sell trips for the Voyage Vasco agency of your choice.


$ 4 995 taxes not included
  • By choosing this license, you'll have full access to a number of technological tools that will make all the difference when it comes to serving your customers or carrying out various follow-ups. What's more, by choosing this license, you'll earn a substantial commission on every sale you make.

Existing external agent

  • By choosing this license, you'll have full access to a number of technological tools that will make all the difference when it comes to serving your customers or carrying out various follow-ups. What's more, by choosing this license, you'll earn a substantial commission on every sale you make. Minimum sale of $30,000

License comparison

Contractor External agent
Preferred supplier commission breakdown 50% 60% 70% 70%
Breakdown of approved supplier commissions 50% 55% 70% 70%
Breakdown of commission from other suppliers 50% 50% 60% 60%
Partner incentive program
Elite Program
Web-based travel consultant training
Level 1 web cruising training
Level 2 web cruising training
Web training for river cruises and others
Sales training
Customer management system (CRM) training
Social media training
Accounting system training
Access to a range of continuing training courses
Access to all online training courses
Three support manuals (52 Weeks to Profitability ● Strategies for Success ● Idea Machine)
Weekly promotional e-mails 500 1500 Unlimited Unlimited
Luxury marketing, targeting travellers with more luxurious tastes 500 1500 Unlimited Unlimited
Magazine Croisière (Publication: 4 times a year) 500 1500 Unlimited Unlimited
Prestige magazine (Published twice a year) 500 1500 Unlimited Unlimited
Your website
Comprehensive booking engine
Hebdo Bulletin
Advantages card
Hotel program
Destination by Jouneys
Web Consulting
Salon Croisière
Exotic section
Flyer creation tool
Destination Wedding Program
Exclusive cruise groups
Accounting included
Access to industry rates and discounts (subject to eligibility)
Participation in familiarization trips (subject to eligibility) One-time credit of $400
Technology support
Back Office support team dedicated exclusively to new agents
Starter kit (includes: business cards / luggage tags...etc.)
Participation in your first convention ($300 credit)
Contract terms (initial term of 2 years, automatic renewal for 1 year) 2 years 2 years 2 years 2 years
Program fees 950$ 1,495$ 4,995$
12-month payment plan not available 500 up front / remaining in 12 equal instalments of $82.91 per month 1000 up front / remaining over 12 equal instalments of $332.90 per month